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Are you looking for mobile locksmith services that are both responsive and affordable? Wouldn’t you like to attain complete peace of mind, with professionals on the job? Wouldn't you like to make your home, office or precious car safe from vandalism?

If the answer to all these questions is a resounding YES, our seasoned and professional local locksmith service has just the right solution for you. We make it difficult for the trespassers to pick your lock- whether it’s your house, office or car. The advancement of technology has facilitated us to create high security locks. Our locks deter vandals from breaking into your property or vehicle. Additionally, with our premium locksmith services, now it is the time to kill your worries and receive the help just when you need it the most!

Community Locksmith Store has been in the arena for years now and has managed to provide outstanding residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services to the entire Los Angeles, CA neighborhood. Our tailored services are designed to meet your specific needs. We employ professionals who can repair damaged locks, provide key creation service, lock changing service, install security locks, provide re-keying solutions , extract broken keys from locks and more. 

To provide the very best to our clients, we ensure that our professional locksmith crew undergoes stringent training and strictly abides by our firm’s code of ethics while carrying out their duty. Such high-standard of expectations assures you of reliable and quality service every single time you opt for Community Locksmith Store’s service.

Time and again, we send our locksmiths to regular workshops and annual conferences to stay abreast of latest developments in the field. This has facilitated us to create high security locks. Our locks deter vandals from breaking into your property or vehicle. Additionally, with our premium locksmith services, now it is the time to kill your worries and receive the help just when you need it the most!

Emergency Locksmith

Community Locksmith Store is this most trusted name serving Los Angeles, CA area. You can call our 24hour emergency locksmith and receive immediate response every time. Through the years, we have built our goodwill by serving our clients in a dedicated manner. When you find yourself in an emergency, simply dial our emergency helpline to receive assistance with your lock right on time!

What defines an emergency? It refers to every situation where you require immediate expert intervention of an affordable locksmith. Consider these scenarios.

  • You have locked yourself out of your home and are unable to find the house keys
  • Your office keys get jammed into the lock and you are unable to pull it out
  • You accidentally left your keys in the ignition and you don’t have a spare to open the car door
  • Thieves have vandalized your vehicle or house and you require immediate lock replacement

Emergencies come unannounced, but the good news is that you have our 24 hour locksmith service operating in your Los Angeles! Call us anytime and we will be there to get you out of the emergency.

Security Professionals

Community Locksmith Store Los Angeles, CA 310-819-4234Our services are absolutely hassle-free and you can trust our services blindly. We maintain high levels of professionalism in every task we take up. But don’t take our word for it, talk to our satisfied customers, first!

How many other service providers can give you such a strong assurance? No wonder, our brand name strikes first in our customers’ minds, when they want 100% security!

The feature of our services includes,

  • Assessment of property security needs, both commercial and residential
  • Tailored locking solution to suit your needs
  • Thorough knowledge of security codes and regulations for your Los Angeles, CA 
  • Solutions available irrespective of the lock type and brand

Do you know with our services, you can even get favorable premium rates on your insurance? If this is not enough reason to call us today then what is!

What does a locksmith do? 

For starters, they give you complete peace of mind. They don’t just fix your locks and keys but have evolved with changing times to fulfill a lot more responsibilities than you can imagine.You can depend on them for all your high security lock and key troubles anytime, anywhere! We believe in continued training to ensure that our professional locksmiths are aware of the latest locking mechanisms available in the market.
You feel less confident about the security of your home or office and searching for a local locksmith? Do not waste any time. Call us today on 310-819-4234! You can also email us at


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